Don't kid yourself...running an online business is a lot of work! Sure, the gurus want you to believe it's a walk in the park, because they want you to seek their help and buy all their recommendations!

I have been an online marketer since 2003 and I don't have a spare moment in my days! Through a serious neck injury, I was forced to give up the job and make a living from home. I have to push on, but many times I felt like giving up. If I had been able to go back to employment, I might have done so.

There are always things to be done...not only new content and new products, but all the hundreds of chores behind the scenes. Even if they don't really impress anyone, they can help with efficiency and site promotion. If you are thinking of starting an online business, or if you are already on that path, do not think it is easy!

I have often had to discipline myself to push on and I now set tasks for each day. Only when these tasks are completed, can I relax. I won't go into all the nitty grittys right now, but I want you to see that there is a lot of hard work ahead, like creating a website or blog, like marketing yourself, like trying niches, like finding products, like creating sales pages, like running an auto-responder, like installing and managing systems and shopping carts, like juggling bank accounts, like renewing domains, like submissions to link directories etc

BUT, I have discovered a far easier way to make money online! Hardly any work is required, the market is enormous, customers live in any part of the world, it can truly be done anywhere and you can have fun! Why slog away, when there is an easy and fun method? Oh and why pay for all these "tools", when you don't need anything?

You see, these guru fellows we keep hearing of have filled the internet with misinformation. They and their teams, their followers, their blindly led subscribers have convinced people like us that there is only one way to be successful - their way. Surely you must have asked yourself why these guys are prepared to sell their secrets for a few bucks? Well, those are not their secrets that they are giving you! No, it is all part of the plan to deceive you and leave the real secrets undiscovered.

What I have come across is no's just something we take for granted and don't have shoved in our faces, so it remains elusive.I'm sure 98% of all internet searches produce results for absolute rubbish and outdated items. It's about time they had a massive spring clean and deleted all that rubbish. The remaining 2% consists of genuine information and opportunity, but it is so hard to find.

I'm kicking myself for not thinking of this a long time ago. Honestly, you can be all set up and ready to roll in about an hour! There are always options as to whether you want to do it full time or part time, whether you want to recruit affiliates to help spread your wings, how involved you want to get and how much time and money you want to invest, but I honestly believe this is the biggest, untapped niche of all!

Imagine if you decided to go the whole hog and do this seriously! One or two days entering details and setting up will see you all done and earning right away. It is available in most countries, runs on a variety of languages and currencies and is easy...and fun too!

Stay tuned and I will tell you more.