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This is a fun site, you must have some fun with online marketing. Who said business is without pleasure? Well, we don't believe that! You can and should enjoy your work time and still make money!

That is not to say business is not serious stuff, it means you must enjoy every minute of it. Well, do you? We doubt it!

There are lots of ways of making money from home, both online and offline, but don't be fooled - this requires a lot of hard work and the results can not ever be guaranteed. We have tried hundreds, maybe even thousands of ways to find some of that elusive money. Some were successful, others not. All required lots of time and constant updating.

No matter which way you are trying, it will eventually get to you. You will get bogged down, give up, or distracted. This often happened to us. There is nothing more disheartening than setting up what you consider to be the best campaign of your life ....then get no response! Maybe you get some response, but it's far below your expectations. Then....what do you do?

You forget that and start out on something else. We know. Even with all our campaigns in place, we find ourselves constantly researching new ways. This has a serious impact on your sense of humour and can actually make you rather depressed...especially when you have given up the job and rely on this income to stay alive!

We set out to find fun ways of making money, without lots of work, without having to build websites and refresh content and we eventually found something that works!

Seeing as you still need customers and you still need to advertise, how can you escape the grind? How can you have fun, while making money? How can you appeal to people to part with their money, without having to ram some stupid program, or ridiculous report, or boring testimonies to some "wonderful" new piece of crap? How can you feel good about recommending something and not guilty of having ulterior motives? It worried us that we were often forced to punt a product because of its catchy sales page, proven conversion rates and well known creator...but that we were not 100% convinced would work for everyone.

You know, we have just realised that the only people making big money out of the "how to make money" niche are those who "own" it anyway. Think about it. What is the biggest money making niche according to all the top "gurus"? Catching newbies and compelling them to shell out their bucks, chasing dreams by those very same people who are offering the help! It is by far the most exploited niches of all.

The information business has actually become the misinformation business, sad to say. The few folks who are really making money keep quiet and just get on with their business. Whatever they are doing definitely involves marketing and selling of something, but you never hear from them. All you ever hear and read when searching for a decent opportunity is these self appointed experts in the business of conning people. They promise to show you the secrets, the foolproof plans, the automated cash machines and so on, but aren't they either the very same people trying to keep you from learning their secrets, or battling marketers trying to flog products to make some kind of small profit? Whichever, it is an unhealthy situation!

Now cast your mind on this scenario for a moment. What would you rather be doing with all that time you spend on the internet? Imagine if you weren't totally besotted with research, emails, building websites, checking your affiliate accounts, writing articles, blogging, searching Clickbank and others for worthwhile products. Imagine if you no longer had to download every book, report, tool, and freebie you saw, with the hope of actually getting to use it one day? Imagine if you could wipe your hard drive clean and say goodbye to all those boring tasks. Imagine if you could close all those many affiliate accounts and close all those banking accounts. Imagine that you never ever had to think of new topics to write on. Imagine that you had time to have fun....and made money from that! Wouldn't that be great!!

Well, we have found something just like that! After over 17 years in small business and more than 9 long years of internet marketing, we have manged to tear our attention away from the normal internet BS and take a different view of things......and what a relief!

We have combined internet marketing with mail order, home maintenance, exhibitions and fun into a successful business model.

Even IM can be fun if you use the topics of gaming, music, gambling, etc, but there is no better feeling than being regarded as an expert in your niche and the interaction achieved by meeting and mixing with people!

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