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New Survival Business Opportunity

October 20, 2016
Many of us love the outdoors and pursue outdoor sports and adventure such as hiking, camping, mountain climbing, abseiling and more.

One day we may be forced to flee to the hills and survive there for a while. The question is, how long can you survive out there and what are you doing to prepare for this?

The time has never been more appropriate. Bad things are happening all around the world and the infrastructure is very fragile. For preppers, realists, adventurers and any outdoors lover, we have a solution. Please support our new South African business The Survivalist.

It is a fully comprehensive and interactive online store selling survival tools, all in one bug out bags, survival packs, long term food rat packs, camping meals, emergency packs, first aid kits and more for surviving emergency situations and extreme adventures.

We have teamed up with some of the leading suppliers in these fields to offer as wide a range as possible.

We have a range of lightweight, dehydrated gourmet meals. No cooking required – just add water and eat.

Typically us South Africans are a pretty apathetic bunch and either think it won’t happen to us, or we are tough and can handle it. When the shirt hits the fan, we will be caught short unless we all have plans, systems and essentials in place.

Apart from the preppers and those afraid of what the future may hold, any extreme sportsperson, adventurer or adrenalin junkie will find something useful in our webstore.

This is a new niche in South Africa and there is not much competition....yet!

This makes for an excellent business opportunity and we will be needing agents to help build this business. Contact us if this interests you.


Easy Fun Way To Make Money Online

June 21, 2010
Don't kid yourself...running an online business is a lot of work! Sure, the gurus want you to believe it's a walk in the park, because they want you to seek their help and buy all their recommendations!

I have been an online marketer since 2003 and I don't have a spare moment in my days! Through a serious neck injury, I was forced to give up the job and make a living from home. I have to push on, but many times I felt like giving up. If I had been able to go back to employment, I might have do...
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How To Get Started In Your New Online Business Today

June 14, 2010
Well, the first half of 2010 has almost passed us by! As they say, time waits for no man. You probably made a couple of New Year’s resolutions, but these were probably generalities and non specifics. Have you kept any?

Maybe you vowed to start your own business, give up smoking, to get fit, to have more money, to spend more time with the family and so on, but what steps are you taking to actually achieve these ideals? And what are you doing to get started, or improve your online business?

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New Bags Of Money Home

June 10, 2010
Bags Of Money was first launched in 2003 and was our first foray into Internet Marketing. The website has been badly neglected due to other interests, but we have listened to our subscribers and have decided to update the website.

Derek and Sally Robson, with the help of their son, Clinton, are all successful, South African Internet Marketers and have created a string of blogs and websites, all part of Dersalsites.

First, like any move, we needed a new home and we are happy to join thousands o...
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Derek Robson has been a successful Internet marketer since 2003. He has a vision of empowering others, particularly fellow South Africans and other non U.S folk, to have equal opportunity and success on the internet, by finding solutions to the many obstacles facing them. He is a syndicated article writer and has written dozens of reports and e-books. He and his wife Sally, have started a string of sites, resources, courses and articles, as part of Dersalsites. He has never believed that the IM gurus want to help people to earn money. Rather they deceive everyone and like sheep, people follow blindly. He has continued searching for the easiest, most lucrative, fun, international money maker. Join him at the newly revived Bags Of Money website and blog at


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