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So you want or need to start a small business on your own. That's great, but think it through carefully before committing.

They say that 50% of all small businesses fail in the first 5 years. They say that a staggering 95% of internet businesses fail in the first 6 months!

Those are staggering statistics, but let's analyze them a bit.

In a normal small business there are several factors that affect the outcome and inevitable closure of a small business, usually lack of finance, a poor business plan or other external influences. The good news is that 50% succeed! With an internet business however, things are not so simple. Normally a person buys into some hair brained scheme, together with thousands of other folks who believe that with no business plan, no research, no inventory, no determinate skills and very little effort they are going to make a fortune. Even after many failed attempts these people are magnetically drawn back into searching for the next "opportunity". The only ones making any money are those who are selling these schemes! In fact change that to eliminate affiliates and small marketers and redefine the statement to only those who produce this BS and hold the rights to it. We know. We have been dabbling in Internet Marketing for over 8 years and although I have been partially successful, it's a far cry from what we were hoping for. We have now successfully combined IM, mail order, sub agencies, home maintenance and flea markets into a worthwhile business.

We honestly believe that it is very possible to stop working for a boss and run your own business from home and if it helps to use the internet, great!

BUT, don't fall for the "anyone can do it, in your pajamas, from anywhere, no work, make a fortune" gimmicks.

There are tons of things you can do at home or from home, using a rock steady business plan.

For ages people have made successful businesses from arts & crafts, home produce, providing a service and other physical businesses, but some work is required!

If you have the finance, then think no further than buying a registered franchise, or if you have the required knowledge and experience, you could buy a failing business. With the latter you can formulate a deferred payment scheme, whereby you don't have to outlay all the money, but can pay it off from the profits generated. These businesses have probably failed due to lack of cashflow, exhorbitant rentals, lack of interest, a death, a person wanting to emigrate etc.

If you do not have much finance available and want to work your own hours from a home base, then there are still several options available to you. You could sell things you make, you can sell things for other people, you could type or offer home repairs, you can work with pets, books, computers... the list is endless. You could start and import & export business using drop a shipping method, you could start a mail order business or you could combine a few of these facets into 1 business model.

We recommend the easiest business to start and to make meaningful returns from is a home based selling agency. Take a hobby, or find local producers, try tourist attractions like curios, choose a niche market that suits you and set up your business. It could be vinyl records, books, cheeses, electronics, flowers, anything! It is as easy as that! But, think it through and draw up a workable business plan. Then start up part time until you can afford ty quit the job, or until you need to invest more time into your business. It is exciting and fun to become regarded as an expert and to meet and mix people and give advice....while making money.

Okay, what we have created here is a "niche dealership", but you do not need to rent a shop premises. If you are free to get out and about, you can exhibit in public places, such as shopping malls, sports arenas, public parks etc. If you join other local niche marketers and run a stall, this is known as a flea market and there are many in all areas. If you have little ones, or already have pressing commitments at home and want to run your agency at home, it is called a garage sale. Now don't scoff at these ideas, we promise you there are far more people making a living from these models, than there are using an internet plan.

The thing is, you need to specialise, you need to plan and you need to keep accurate records, but fear not - there are experts willing to share their ideas and teach you how to do it properly.


Done right, this is an easy and fun way to make money, working for yourself at home. But if you want it to be really profitable, you need to run it as a sound business. This may sound easy, but the main reason people fail in small home based businesses, is because they don't approach it with a solid business plan.

Here is your chance to get professional direction, so that you make this business as profitable as possible. Click on the image to see more about this.

For some strange reason most people are so fascinated with the idea of earning big money on the internet that they completely overlook other and often easier methods of earning from a home based business...and they don't do enough research!

Imagine how much fun you can have with this! It could be like having your own little E-Bay right there at your home, close to children, pets and unfortunately some chores! You could run this on a part time basis, over weekends or as a full time business.

For ages we have been saying starting an internet business (especially when bought from some third party "guru") is not nearly as easy or as possible as it sounds. For the experienced and technically adept person, this might work, but we firmly believe that an average or even unskilled computer boffin has much easier ways of earning cash.

Don't you want to have some fun and meet people and move around a bit? Surely you don't think sitting in front of your computer for hours on end is fun! Why not try a garage sale, a flea market, a saleable hobby, or a task such as typing and earn money from that rather?

Garage Sale Blueprint is a comprehensive course explaining exactly how to go about this worthwhile and exciting business. You get a chance to watch and listen to 9 very informative videos (there is no better way of learning than watching). You can read through the guide and you can listen to the mp3 version.

Topics covered are:

1) An Introduction To The Business
2) When To Hold These Garage Sales
3) Dealing With And Sourcing Inventory
4) Pricing
5) Display
6) Advertising
7) Sale Time!
8) Keeping Business Books And Records
9) Improvement And Growth

Seriously, how much time and money have you wasted already on trying to find the perfect business to run from home? Way too much!.... and with nothing to show for it! Spend your money wisely and get started in a small business that will earn money!

This course was selling for $97, but is now (only for a short while) being offered at the ridiculously low price of $27.

Any other "bricks and mortar" business would set you back many thousands of Dollars. What's the price of a meal? Isn't it better spent on your future? Take a look at this, I'm sure you will be pleased.

Here is the link again: GarageSaleBlueprint


Maybe it's time to give up on the idea of making money with some great plan for working online and get back to the basics.

Our grandparents all made money without the internet, in fact, without any computers!

So where are we going wrong?

Okay, admittedly there were less people and more job security in those days, so very few ever needed to quit their jobs.

You must have some sort of hobby, talent or interest, right?

So why work in a job that doesn't stimulate and excite you? Why look for something to do from home that you probably won't excite you and most probably won't make any real money?

For some reason we are obsessed with the internet and search daily for some magic opportunity. How much time (and money) have you already wasted?

Maybe you should be thinking of creating something special yourself!

Take that hobby or talent and expand on it and cater to other peoples' needs....and finally make enough money to never have to work for a boss again!

Make money at flea markets!  No seriously, learn the secrets of buying and selling at flea markets to make money easily from experts with crucial tips from many years of experience of how to make money at flea markets.

Here is the best option.  Now you can really study up on the subject.

Imagine how much fun you could have. Meet and mix with people, become known as an expert, and finally earn some real money.

Flea Market Cash - Either Click Here or on the image to see more.

Watch how it is done. An informative book and 9 video lessons. Produced by a flea market vendor with more than 10 years experience in the business, he will show you how to start a simple business that's quick to start and has very low risk, but is still scalable to any size you want and fun to run and more importantly easy to make money from.  Now ONLY $27 while stocks last. Comes with an additional 4 bonus books.

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