Bags Of Money

About Us

The first Bags Of Money was started in 2003. Our aim is to help people new to Internet Marketing. A lot has changed since those early days and the purely free,  fun and experimental site has proven over and again that it is possible to make money on the Internet, help others, attract traffic, dispense honest advice and still have fun at the same time.

It has also proven that it is possible to make money on the Internet, using a free website, free domain, free hosting, free resources and free tools. This site has changed home 3 times since inception, but has never cost us a cent in all those years. Sure, the theme and layout has changed a few times, but we have never paid for a thing.

All the so called "gurus" insist you will never make money, unless you have a professional, paid site and all the fancy gadgets and latest technology. We have proven them wrong.

We are happy to admit, that if you are serious about business and need to look professional, then you need to use professional, paid services, but hey, how many new Internet marketers spend a chunk of change on all the fancy gadgets and never make any money? They spend their hard earned dosh, chasing a dream and give up when it remains only a dream.

Our advice is to start off small, have fun, save your money and see how it goes. When you are making money and know exactly what to change and where your shortcomings lie, then by all means upgrade your facilities.

This website has received steady traffic and has generated a small but steady income for all those years, without any special skills being applied. We have other professional, monetised websites and blogs, but this one has remained "raw and amateurish", on purpose.

Bags Of Money has never been technologically upgraded, has never been optimised for search engines, has never carried banner adverts, has never carried Adsense, has never included any paid software. No flash, video, audio, or personal assistant has ever graced these pages.

Yes, we agree we could make more money by applying the latest science, but we maintain it is better and easier to make a little money and have fun, than it is to be too serious and not make money at all. You must be able to have fun!

We have been marketing online since 2002 and have burnt our fingers a few times. We have seen the scams, the hoaxes and the misinformation that is dished up every day. We want to help you get to understand the inner workings of an online business, without having to compromise your integrity (and your wallet).

So, please make yourself at home and take a walk with us, along the path of learning the basic I.M tricks. Feel free to contact us with questions. The main thing is to take it easy and have fun.

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